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On "Sovereignty, freedom and independency" the Orange TV Lebanon, OTV has seen the light. Carrying the slogan "From the people, to the people" OTV aims to create an information station that is far from the pulling forces that threaten the concept of freedom.

Otv Lebanon TV station gained its license as a Lebanese tv station and created its basic development as a high category. They offer programs to viewers, that are of various parties and groups and personalities that are present on the Lebanese political scene and the movement of their analysis in a creative manner, and with objectivity. The broadcasting of this channel contains news bulletins and political dialogues and economic and social programs and a discussion forum, in addition to films: dramas, comedies, and cultural programs and documentaries.

3a Nar Latife


Everyone has seen and fallen in love with the humour of teita Latife.

Now you can view a special program on OTV presented by teita Latife who invites women and or men to prepare delicious dishes in an easy method punctuated by witty comments.

3a Nar Latife is broadcasted on OTV from Monday to Friday 3:00 am and 9:15 am Sydney time  



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