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MTV lebanonfs Commitment Towards Its Viewers Is To Always Offer The Best In The World Of Television Entertainment

 After its politically forced closure in 2002, mtv Lebanon live was re-launched on the 7th of April 2009 to dazzle the Lebanese and Arabic viewers with an international image broadcasted from the heart of Lebanon.
Within just over 12 months mtv lebanon has achieved an unprecedented success with a dramatic 50% increase in its viewership ratings over a very short time frame (Stat Ipsos, 2010). MTV lebanon news has not only proven to be a Lebanese and a Middle Eastern Star but an Aussie one too. With a dedicated team of professionals solely working to cater for the viewership trends of the Australian-Arabic Market, MTV has launched its rich Australian grid that has surpassed the expectations of the Arabic Pay TV viewers in Australia. Today MTV lebanon and mtv news lebanon prides in reaching thousands of Australian households 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via Australia’s widest PAY TV distribution platforms: Optus Pay TV & MySat. 
With a peerless grid dominated by Lebanese productions, and a vast array of high budget creations combining the authentic traditions of rural Lebanon and the exotic modernity of its urbanism, MTV has lead the way to a new era in the world of Arabic Television while adequately addressing its various realms of interest the political, the entertainment, the social, the religious, the creative, the wild and the conservative.



Talk of the town - Hadiss el Balad is the Lebanese version of an International entertainment show produced by Periba. It simply is a hit talk show beyond rivalry. Placing around the one round table prominent figures of varying ratings in all sectors of society including politics, entertainment, social affairs, fashion, performance, intellect, comedy and religion, Talk of the Town creates a unique vigor that takes it to a new level of talk show business. At the heart of this success is the radiant face of Talk of the Town’s outstanding host Mouna Abou Hamza whose wit, knowledge and humor bring out the best in her guests.


Walid Aboud is not afraid to ask the questions that need answering on his incisive and revealing talk show.  He hosts notable politicians from across the political spectrum to discuss the latest events and key issues, while respecting the rules of dialogue and MTV policy. It is an unmissable show for anyone interested in getting to the heart of today’s top political stories.





MTV Alive is a unique concept of morning entertainment containing multiple segments of fashion , cooking, entertainment, health, sports, teen world, kids segments, academic publications, video and music releases, gossip, internet updates, technology, car manufacturing and more. MTV Alive is a fresh morning start in sharp color, real content, a feel-home mood and a professional execution.


The program "Sab3a" Meaning “Seven” is a new show presented by Zerge Zarka which discusses the social and socio economic issues covering today’s problems.  In this show, the host takes the courage to overcome any barriers restricted upon him in discussing sensitive issues concerning the political and social state of todays society.








Tahkik is a dynamic weekly documentary tackling controversial current affairs in the political, economic and social realms.  This program is a first of its kind in Lebanon, in which the host Claude Abou Nader Hindi and her special guests delve into difficult problems trying to extract solutions than can make  a real difference to people’s lives.





It’s a fact: More Lebanese get their news from MTV’s news program than from any other source. The reason is self-evident: over 150 highly qualified professionals working around the clock to deliver the news first; straight to the point; from reliable sources; with an in-depth coverage of local, regional and global news stories. Added to this are unique, informative financial bulletins and state-of-the-art weather reports. What more could any viewer want?






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