Look Into your World, With MySat


Look Into your World, With MySat

World Media International is now offering MySat to Arabic speaking customers. MySat is an entertaining, affordable, and reliable arabic pay TV service offering Arabic channels including MTV Lebanon, ART, Al Jazeera, MBC, Future TV, ART Movies and Noursat. The MySat Arabic Pay TV service is managed by World Media International (WMI).


How does MySat work?

You need a smart card, Ku satellite dish and receiver. MySat arabic channels are available on Intelsat 8.
MySat is accessed by using a Smart Card, a MySat receiver and by installing a Ku-band satellite dish. To ensure quality of service, WMI is the ONLY distributor of the MySat smart cards and   MySat receivers. 
The Ku-Band satellite dish needs to be between 80cm and 95cm designed to receive the signal coming from the satellite. It is recommended that the size of the dish is no less than 85cm. 
MySat channels will be encrypted. Encryption acts like a lock to pay TV channels and a smart card acts like a key that deactivates the encryption to subscribers. Anyone who watches MySat channels and is not paying a subscription is watching these channels illegally.

The MySat receiver is a box similar to a VHS machine, where the MySat Smart Card is inserted and allows the satellite signal that is captured by the satellite dish to be transformed into picture and sound onto your TV screens. (Please refer to the diagram).

WMI is ONLY responsible for the maintenance of the Smart Card; therefore, if there is any problem with the dish or reception then you will need to get assistance from the installer or the manufacturer of the equipment. WMI, therefore, takes NO responsibility for the cost and quality of service for these other devices. Subscribers MUST be aware of the warranty periods of the equipment they purchase. MySat receiver has a one-year warranty from day of purchase. 

Benefits of Getting Connected to MySat

  • It is entertaining, affordable and a reliable service.

  • Provides a direct link to the customer’s country of origin.

  • Provides diverse cultural programs for a niche market with the latest in news, current affairs, sport, arts and lifestyle channels.

  • Receives high quality customer service and after sales care.

  • Easy and flexible payment options.

  • You will receive customised viewing of channels and programs.

  • You have control over your TV viewing – so you get the channels you want to watch with no strings attached and without having to pay extra.

  • We recommend installers and provide customers, as well as installers, with MySat information packages.

World Media is a credible and professional company which is the sole manager of MySat services.

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How Do I become a MySat subscriber?

Sign the application form enclosed within this information package and send it to:
World Media – MySat 
Suite 1C, 9 Burwood Rd 
Click Here